New A levels

Since September 2015 A Levels have changed. The headline news is that the A Level is now a totally separate qualification from the AS level. Another way to put this is that when a student takes an AS level, those marks won’t count towards the A Level which will be examined at the end of the second year. Another change is that the amount of coursework is reduced, to a maximum of 20%. Some subjects are exam only.

What does this mean for studying A levels at Yateley? Here at Yateley we will still be putting some students through the AS exams at the end of the first year. Why? Because they give a good indication of student progress at the half way point and, should something happen in the second year students still have some results. To leave everything to the end of the second year is more risky. Things happen that are beyond a student’s control and we would hate to waste two years work.

This does mean that some students will be re-examined on the same material in the second set of exams, but this is a small price to pay for the added security of having an AS level.

Number of subjects studied is important. For a long time most Yateley students have studied 4 AS levels. This gives flexibility when moving to the second year of study. Students can keep their best three and still have the UCAS points from an extra AS. Many colleges now tell students that more than three subjects is too much; this isn’t the case. Many of the same colleges used to ask students to study 4 or 5 subjects, but then the funding changed and now four subjects cost colleges more than three. We believe in four being best for some students, and we are still committed to that. (When has doing the bare minimum ever been the best advice? Never. That’s when.) Our commitment to you is that if you want to study four subjects you can. If you prefer three, no problem.

Subjects that changed in September 2015

  • AS and A-level Art and Design
  • AS and A-level Biology
  • AS and A-level Business
  • AS and A-level Chemistry
  • AS and A-level Computer Science
  • AS and A-level Economics
  • AS and A-level English Language
  • AS and A-level English Literature
  • AS and A-level History
  • AS and A-level Physics
  • AS and A-level Psychology
  • AS and A-level Sociology

Subjects that changed in September 2016

  • AS and A-level Dance
  • AS and A-level Drama and Theatre Studies
  • AS and A-level French
  • AS and A-level Geography
  • AS and A-level Music
  • AS and A-level Physical Education
  • AS and A-level Religious Studies
  • AS and A-level Spanish

Subjects that changed in September 2017

  • AS and A-level Classical Civilisation
  • AS and A-level Design and Technology: Food Technology
  • AS and A-level Design and Technology: Product Design (3-d design)
  • AS and A-level Design and Technology: Product Design (textiles)
  • AS and A-level Further Maths
  • AS and A-level Government and Politics
  • AS and A-level Law
  • AS and A-level Mathematics