The student experience...

Lets get one thing clear: we are OUTSTANDING. In fact we are the only outstanding school sixth form in Hampshire. We are very proud of that. Outstanding isn't easy. Outstanding means we get great exam results and also work very hard on students having a fantastic future too.

But by golly our students have a great time too. Of course they work hard, that’s just part of the deal, but because we are small (and like it like that) everyone knows everyone. No scary food halls here. Instead we have our own comfy canteen to hook up with your mates. We have three big parties a year. We celebrate the end of the year with bouncy castles and a BBQ. Like the sound of that?

In 2022 our results remain impressive. At A2 we achieved 59% A* - B with a 99.4% pass rate. This now means six years of continual improvement. Dig a little deeper and you find A Level results in the top 5% of all schools and colleges, top 10% for our BTEC qualifications. We are very proud of that. And just as important all of our year 13s got where they wanted to go. Well done all!


We know that some of the best careers are hard to reach. And we know that the best way of reaching them can be to know people who have already done it: and that’s fine, if you know those people. But not everyone does. So the Yateley Pathways Programme aims to help students build the CV they need to access the tough jobs. Pathways subjects include Law, Education, Medicine, Journalism and Entrepreneurial courses, and of course our Oxbridge hopefuls. We have links with London lawyers, Global business, local hospitals and more, and we use those links to help you organise your work experience and volunteering: two of the most important factors in getting those hard to reach university places. Pathways students meet regularly to discuss, network and debate. All of which enhances their experience and their chances of getting to the university of their dreams.


Admissions tutors and HR managers all agree on one thing: they want people who have gone the extra mile. They want people who have done more than just studied and earned a few quid putting chips in a box or beans on a shelf. These recruiters want people who have shown dedication, empathy and generosity. People who have seen a cause and stepped up to the mark. They want volunteers. So at Yateley we offer lots of volunteering opportunity be that within our campus, or elsewhere with local groups. Students have done everything from helping with reading projects to befriending lonely old folk. And you know what? They love it. So, set yourself apart, come to Yateley and get volunteering.

Societies & getting involved

There is a lot to do at Yateley. One of the many things we like is doing stuff. So Yateley has a range of societies, run by students to get involved in. How about the Yateley Bake Off? Impressive levels of oven based commitment were shown by many, organised by students. Then there is the Events Society; great if you want to help organise our events like our termly parties and wonderful Sixth Form Prom. Could help you get onto that event management degree too. Neither of these for you? Then start your own society. Or newspaper. Or organise a coffee morning. Or rugby tournament. Or film night. You get the picture. Did I mention the Easter Egg Hunt and the Children in Need 5 legged race? No? They are good too.