The Yateley Subjects

At Yateley we offer an impressive range of both A Levels and more vocational qualifications. All of our courses are of a high quality and carry UCAS points. They are selected as they are useful whatever your intended destination is, be it university, job or apprenticeship.

We also have GCSE English and Maths courses for anyone who hasn’t yet achieved that important grade 5!

BTEC vs A Level

We run both BTEC and A Level subjects here at Yateley. Why do we do that? Because different students flourish in different areas.

BTECs work on a continuous assessment basis rather than having big exams. If exams aren’t really for you, BTECs probably are. BTECs still aren’t easy. There is no easy option post-16. You have to work steadily for the whole course, you have to reflect, redraft and respond to your feedback just as much as in an A Level. The difference is that during all of that time you are quietly putting away work which is directly contributing to your grade.

While traditionally some people have been reluctant to acknowledge BTEC as favourably as A Levels, these are genuinely useful qualifications.

All of the BTEC level three courses we offer attract equivalent UCAS points to A Levels: a major indication of a course's value. And every year we have BTEC students getting into university, apprenticeships or jobs of at least of equivalent value to A level students.