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English Faculty

I consider myself to be very fortunate to be leading an English faculty. English is such a diverse subject with many opportunities and we take great satisfaction in seeing our students developing their reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. Our aim as a faculty is not just to prepare our students for work but to educate their imaginations and develop their perceptiveness. The ability to communicate with clarity both in discussion and in writing is a vital aspect in any workplace.

The study of English Literature and English Language promotes the development of critical responses to a variety of texts encouraging students to produce independent and informed opinions, not only about literary texts but also about moral and social issues. As the Head of the English Faculty I want to ensure others feel the buzz of engagement and the thrill of discovery that the study of English gives to me.

We know that the best English teachers look to build a community of independent learners and keen readers and writers who are not afraid to take intellectual risks and here at Yateley you have the very best teachers. Above all, we wish to provide our students with an interesting, enjoyable and relevant learning experience.