+ interesting = The extras to give you the edge.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing at Yateley.

We know that employers and admissions tutors love a little extra. They don’t want the ordinary. They aren’t interested in your Scout days 10 years ago, great though the Jamboree was.

+ interesting

Employers and admissions folks want to know about your studies and everything else you do. You do do other things don’t you?

The other things, we call + interesting. +interesting gives you confidence. Gives you competitiveness. Gives you the chance to show that you are more than just great grades. You are an interesting, interested, involved human being.

and more

So what do we do about it? We have Pathways for future lawyers, medics, teachers, journalists and entrepreneurs.

What about volunteering opportunities to show your passion and compassion? Like the sound of running societies, focus groups and organising events? Fancy writing for local magazines? Guess what? We offer Yateley students all of that. That is + interesting.